The Treasureland Preschool staff are who they are because of those children who have taught them.  Each staff member understands from experience that learning should be joyful, meaningful and playful.

The staff at Treasureland is comprised of rich and diverse, yet like-minded individuals who share a deep respect for children, their families and each other.  They possess a sincere passion for early childhood development and expertly guide young children toward independence, social competence, critical thinking and problem solving.  

Each staff member continues to invest time and energy in personal growth and learning, and respectfully collaborates in and out of the classroom.  All staff members are Early Childhood Teacher qualified in addition to all other degrees and certificates they hold.  These are experienced early childhood experts who enjoy what they do and are committed to doing the job well. The turnover is relatively low in this community; as a result the staff is listed in order of longevity.

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