How do I apply to Treasureland Preschool?

You can apply to Treasureland Preschool by clicking here and following the instructions found there.

How do I sign up for a tour?

If you would like to come take a tour of our facility, please click here.

When is registration?

Registration for currently enrolled families occurs during mid-January.  Prospective families interested in enrolling should request to be placed on the rolling wait list.  Please read through our admission section to learn more.

How does the wait list work?

Families wishing to be placed on any class wait list must pay a one-time, non-refundable wait list retainer fee of $35 per child.  Once the fee has been received by Treasureland the child is placed on the rolling wait list. All families will be contacted annually to confirm their desire to remain on the waitlist. Once confirmed, the family retains their place in the wait list order for the following year. Families are invited to remain on the waitlist for as many years as they prefer.

If an opening becomes available and a child reaches the top of the waitlist, the family will be contacted to confirm their desire to accept the opening.  At that time, all completed enrollment paperwork and enrollment fees will be required before the child can begin school at Treasureland.

What kind of tuition assistance is available?

Tuition assistance is available for threes and both pre-k classes.  Denver city and county families with children entering their last year of preschool must apply through the Denver Preschool Program for financial assistance before applying to Treasureland.  Financial aid through Treasureland is offered to families who either don’t qualify for DPP funds or those needing additional assistance beyond what is offered through DPP.  Please go here for more information regarding financial assistance.

What kind of child/family thrives at Treasureland?

The children here are a diverse group of personalities, with various learning styles and different developmental growth patterns.  Children in this environment seem to enjoy strong peer relationships within their classrooms and exhibit tremendous developmental growth from the meaningful relationships formed by our deeply engaging staff, an environment that provokes exploration and discovery and interesting activities that entice them to love learning. Families who understand and share our basic philosophy and play-based approach, are interested and willing to partner with the staff on behalf of their child’s growth and development and who desire to build relationships with others in this community tend to have a positive experience at Treasureland Preschool.  Although not a parent cooperative school, there are opportunities for parents to share talents, interests, strengths, and life experiences with one another, as well as offering hands-on volunteer time in and out of the classroom.

How are families supported in this environment?

Drop-off and pick-up are usually a bit hectic but teachers communicate with parents at that time if the information is not of a confidential nature. Otherwise, teachers communicate through weekly newsletters, parent-teacher conferences, phones calls or emails.  There is a monthly Director newsletter outlining the month’s events as well as giving general parent information.  As partners in the effort to make a child’s school experience as positive as possible, we encourage parents to bring concerns, questions or comments to us at any time.  Staff members make every attempt to be accessible and available as resources and are willing to meet whenever a parent has concerns, questions or comments.