Welcome to Treasureland Preschool and Wee Treasures! We are celebrating over 50 years of respecting young children and engaging with them as they work to become independent and self-confident. If this is your family’s first exposure to the school experience, we are honored you have chosen Treasureland Preschool, and anticipate a positive initial experience.  If you are returning, we trust your year will be a happy and memorable one.

Treasureland is a licensed and Qualistar rated preschool. Passionate about the education of young children and the partnership with their families, we provide a safe, nurturing environment where positive and inclusive relationships allow for optimal learning, and where children explore, discover and create through meaningful play. Our dedicated staff members are experienced and licensed early childhood educators who understand the value and critical importance of children’s play.  We prepare a variety of learning opportunities which promote social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth in each child, while fostering independence, self-esteem, responsibility and self-confidence.